Empress Ki: Episode 29

OMO… episodes are getting intense every week (sadly, next episode has been moved due to Olympics?) I love characterization of Lady Ki & Taltal & Empress Dowager and Eucnuch Bang 🙂 Thank you for recapping the episodes for us. (I hope you won’t mind If I re-blogged the recaps?) Gomawo 🙂

the talking cupboard

“Can you handle it?”

After watching the preview for episode 29, the above question comes to my mind and  it can be directed to us the viewers and also the characters. Truth can be hard to be swallowed and Yoo looks very happy to be able to see Seung-nyang again without realizing that she now belongs to the Emperor. Can he handle the surprise waiting for him? As for Seung-nyang, her fight with Tanashiri can go either way, between a success or a failure. I’m all for seeing her giving a virtual slap on the Empress but can Seung-nyang handle the disappointment of a failure hitting her again? Ta-hwan is mustering his courage to face Yeon-chul and he’s preparing himself in secrecy. He’s getting better at keeping himself composed in front of the old man, but handling the final battle between him, the green Emperor and the experienced old man…

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